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"I’d Rather Watch Him, Than Talk To Them"

Admiration can be flattering, but if gone too far it can be a little creepy.

In the case of this Strawberry Letter, a woman writes in concerned that she may have a problem. She feels she is addicted to our very own, Steve Harvey. While she admits she's "in love" with Unc, she makes it clear that it is not in a "sexual way." She just loves to watch ALL of his TV shows and is downright "hooked." The problem now is that it has started to affect her relationships with her family and friends. 

Is this just a simple "school girl crush" or is this something much more serious?

Take a look:

Subject: I’d Rather Watch Him, Than Talk To Them

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

My friends and family say that I have a problem. I don’t think I do. Here’s the issue at hand… I'm in love with a married, handsome, debonair, bald man. He's married to a very beautiful woman and he has a beautiful family that he adores greatly. I want to be clear, I'm not in love with him in a sexual way. I'm just in love with his TV shows... I’m totally hooked. I watch all of his shows and I listen to him daily on the radio. I can watch two shows at a time because I have a Firestick. I DVR anything I miss and I follow all of his social media pages. I even watch YouTube clips at work, on my break. My friends and my husband constantly tell me that there are other shows on TV, but not to me. When his show moved from Chicago to LA, I was heartbroken. I live in a Chicago suburb and it just felt good to be in the same city with him. I hate that I never got to see one his TV show live tapings in Chicago. I don’t think I’ll ever make it to LA to see him. This has started to take over my life and now it’s all I do for fun. Do you see this as being a problem? If so, how can I wean myself from my TV and this addiction, so that I can enjoy the holidays with my family and friends? I’m sick of the jokes and remarks. Please help me.

Look, you can't fault her for being honest!   

Take a listen to find out what Shirley, Steve and the rest of the crew have to say about this one!

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