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Carla Ferrell Gets Her Annual Mammogram

On Friday (Dec. 7), our girl Carla Ferrell went to get her annual mammogram. 

As you know Carla lost her mom, Pat Boatner, in 2004 to the disease and has since been an advocate for breast cancer awareness.  Being that African American women have a 41% higher death rate than that of white women, on top of  being more likely to be diagnosed before the age of 40, it is important that women around he world understand the importance of early detection. 

"Don't be afraid of the mammogram, be afraid of cancer!" - Carla Ferrell

Lead by Carla's example and know that you hold the key to living a cancer-free life.

RIP Pat Boatner ❤️

For more information on early detection, breast self-examinations and more, visit