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"Me And Yo Baby Gettin' Married"

The "King of Pranks" is back and this time his target is an unsuspecting father.

In this prank phone call, Nephew Tommy portrays a man named "Jeff." A 45-year-old man who is "very very interested" in marrying a 25-year-old grad student named Crystal. Being "respectful," he calls Crystal's father to express his interest in marrying his daughter. He tells him that he's been dating his daughter for the past "5-6 months" and is very much in love. As the conversation unfolds, the father makes it clear that he talks to his daughter every day and that she has never mentioned him. As the conversation continues, he finds out that he is a former "jailbird" who met his daughter while on parole work release at the university. As you can imagine, all hell broke loose.

Take a listen:

Although "love ain't got not limit," the same cannot be said for her daddy!   

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