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Good Samaritans Return Diaper Bag Filled With Money

A huge salute goes out to a couple in California who put on their "Inspector Gadget" hats and tracked down the owners of a diaper bag filled with thousands of dollars. Apparently a Vietnamese man -whose name will remain anonymous- accidentally left the bag when he stopped to take a photo with his wife and daughter at a Christmas display in Long Beach.

Luckily for him, Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui spotted the bag when they took photos in the same area and waited around for someone to claim it. After no such luck, the duo decided to check inside for any clues that could lead them to returning the bag to its rightful owner. To their surprise, they found a wallet containing $5,000 cash and the family's passports inside. Determined to do the right thing, they reached out to the family and returned their goods. Whew!

Filled with so much gratitude, the man thanked the Good Samaritan couple for "[saving] his life."

In 2009 Fabolous introduced the world  to the meaning of "throw it in the bag,"  but I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about throwing cold hard cash into a diaper bag. 

Thank God for the good people in the world!

Happy New Year!