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What Did Janet Jackson Say To Nephew Tommy At Her Birthday Party?!

Nephew Tommy shared his enviable story of going to Janet Jackson’s surprise birthday party with the team. Not only did Fool #1 attend the star-studded event, but he even hosted it!

Johnny Gill threw the bash for "Ms. Jackson if ya nasty" where Tommy met some iconic Hollywood players. Lil Kim killed it on the mic before Doug E. Fresh and Teddy Riley shut the house down. Of course, he couldn’t help but mention his encounter with the beautiful Nicole Murphy.

Even though (let Nephew Tommy tell it) he and Janet talked "all night," what the legendary artist had to say was much more realistic.  

Check out what Janet REALLY thought of Nephew below at the 5:58 mark!

Obviously, he could count on good ol' Uncle Steve to keep it real with him.

Photo: @thenephewtommyexp (IG)