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Ben Carson Mishears Housing Term 'REO' for 'Oreo'


Ben Carson was having a tough time at Tuesday's House Financial Services Committee hearing. Maybe because he was hungry?

Rep. Katie Porter questioned the Housing and Urban Development Secretary about REO (real estate owned) rates. For some reason, the successful surgeon-turned Trump teammate confusingly asked if she was talking about Oreos. Yes, the cream sandwiched cookie, Oreos.

Porter quickly corrected Carson by sounding out R-E-O, before asking him "What does 'O' stand for?"

The doctor eventually realized the topic was not about snack time. However, it was painfully obvious that he was still in the dark when he answered the 'O' was for "organization."

Lucky for Ben, our fearless leader gave him some advice on how he can confidently handle his next blunder.

Check Unc's words of wisdom below at the 1:23 mark!

Photo: Getty