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John Travolta Speaks Up For the Bald Community

John Travolta

Golden Globe-winning actor John Travolta joined Jimmy Kimmel Live where fans were very eager to watch Lena Waithe chat about his new look.

The OG "Danny Zuko," who's been known for his envious locks, divulged details in what caused the dramatic decision to go bald. Surprisingly, it started off as a task for a role he played in For Paris, With Love. He quickly took to the sleek look as did others around him.

One person he specifically found encouragement from was new friend, Miami artist Pitbull. John explained he "loved the way it looked" on Mr. 305 and it doesn't hurt that "all us guys have to stick together."

The Steve Harvey Morning Show has its own squad of fabulous bald community members. Of course, we had to hear what the team thought about doing the big chop. Unc, Nephew Tommy, and J. shared the moment they realized to "just let it go" and the importance of holding each other down. That also includes welcoming soon-to-be members of the elite club, who may not even realize they're on their way.

Listen to the guys give Junior a reality check he didn't know he needed at the 3 minute mark.

Photo: Getty