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Serena Stunts Classy Clapback for Tennis Wear Critics


Where there's success, there's a hater. And Serena Williams showed us the most subtle way to dismiss them.

The tennis professional begun her journey in the 2019 French Open. While the game, itself, is worth recognizing, it's hard to ignore her dress choice. Mainly because it served as a suit of armor against her athletic opponent AND every critic who has had their opinions about what she wears on the court.

Serena's been the eye of "professional" insults for a while. From being called "sensitive" to being criticized for "temper tantrums," the list can go on. However, it seems like the ban of her catsuit at last year's French Open was the straw that broke the fashion-forward competitor's back.

That's why she chose to strut an empowering two-piece set during her match. The fit with a jacket to complete was designed by Louis Vuitton Menswear Artistic Director Virgil Abloh.

He patterned it with a black base and white stripes. Though simple, the message behind it was outstanding. In white, read the words "champion," "queen," "mother," and "goddess" in French.

Some people will still have their thoughts on Williams' ensemble and the morning show team is no different. Listen as they praised the tennis phenom on her speechless clapback at the 1:57 mark below.

Photo: Getty, Serena Williams Instagram (@serenawilliams)