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Abortion Ban Is Predicted To Affect Georgian Economy

Roe v Wade

With Donald Trump eager to overturn Roe v. Wade, a lot of big name media corporations are considering pulling their business from Georgia.

Decisions to ultimately take away women's rights is not going over well with the masses. The Republican party, of course, seems unfazed. However, Unc led the discussion by bringing up the fact that they may change their minds when they realize the potential economic downfall.

So far, a "heartbeat bill" has been signed in Louisiana that prohibits a woman from getting an abortion if the baby's heartbeat is detected. The common pregnant state by this time is six weeks when a female probably wouldn't even know she's pregnant.

Consequently, media groups Netflix, WarnerMedia, and Disney have all stood against the idea.

Georgia has become a "magnet" for media groups because of it's 30% tax break, explained by BBC. Great news for the southern state's economic system and creators. However, executive heads like Disney CEO Bob Iger described it as "difficult" to work in a place that allows such a restriction. Pulling out million dollar projects like Black Panther and Avengers: Endgame will surely hurt Georgia. Hopefully, enough to eventually throw out the ban.

Uncle Steve shared his outlook on the news and went on to bring up great points in the ironic morality of our current justice system. Check it out below at the 2:13 mark.

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