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J. Anthony Brown Spreads Positivity While Battling Leukemia

Our soldier, J. Anthony Brown, has been battling leukemia and sharing his experience with The Steve Harvey Nation.

On Monday (June 3) the crew kicked off Motivational Monday with some inspirational words of wisdom about coping with his illness. He was sure to thank friends, his sister, and nephew who moved in with his favorite uncle just to care for him. J. also broke down the process of going to the hospital to receive his chemo treatment and how he makes sure to provide a light for his fellow patients.

Though the funnyman is a very private person, he explained his reason for sharing the life-changing diagnosis strictly because it would help others. A key piece of advice he announced for anyone dealing with cancer is to "not be a punk. You've got to fight."

Listen to learn more about the importance of changing your attitude and keeping positive energy within yourself.