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Kirk Franklin Joins The Fam & Chats About Album 'Long Live Love'

Kirk franklin

Kirk Franklin has a lot to celebrate. The return of Sunday's Best ninth season and the debut of his album, Long Live, Love are just to name a few. Obviously The Steve Harvey Morning Show had to invite the 13-time Grammy-winning legend to catch up on life. Here are our top three favorite moments of our chat with Kirk Franklin.

  • Kirk highly values family time. When it comes onto making music, Kirk has found a balance between family time and work. I mean...when the spirit hits, the spirit hits! Of course, it took a while for him to master the ability to stay present when around loved ones. However, when it came to being with his kids, they always came first.

  • He's a singer! Don't be mistaken. Just because he's not hitting Luther Vandross notes doesn't mean the gospel icon doesn't need his singing credits.

  • He has normal family issues. Living a golden life of worship has its good days, but bad days are sure to follow. Kirk opened up to The Fam about dealing with a sister in jail, forgiving the biological father he never knew, and helping another family member seek treatment in rehab.

Listen for more and see what to expect from Long, Live, Love below!

We love you Kirk and thank you for continuing to be an inspiration!

Be sure to check Long Live Love available everywhere!

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