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Ava DuVernay Hates the 'Auntie' Title

If you were thinking about calling Ava DuVernay "auntie," I beg you to think again.

One title she has no qualms with is director. However, the Netflix When They See Us creator doesn't share the same sentiments with the familial term of endearment.

In an interview with Van Lathan on The Red Pill, Ava chatted about the latest millennial social trend of referring to a woman as "auntie." Though Van explained it as a term given out of respect, Ms. Ava was NOT having it.

"First of all, I have a real issue with recently I've been getting called on Twitter 'Auntie Ava.' Why?! Why?! Am I that old? Because I don't feel that old."

So just in case you run into the youthful 46-year-old Golden Globe nominee, please refer to her tweet before you let the "aun-" slip out.

One person who shares the same beliefs is Nephew Tommy, who's not too fond of outside people calling his "rich ass" uncle "Uncle Steve."

See what Tommy had to say at the 1:40 mark below!

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