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Sheryl Underwood Wants Trump Impeached ASAP

Sheryl Underwood told us how she really feels about the president. Trust that she held nothing back.

In a frustrating world where it seems like justice is only served to a particular few, Sheryl is calling out for everyone to start taking action. Today's (June 6) segment, she focused on "President Trumps" increased popularity within the population. According to poll results, 54% of people believe that "45" has the potential to get re-elected.

Well, that just doesn't sit right with Ms. Underwood. The comedian/commentator went on to compare Richard Nixon's Watergate downfall to Trump's apparent WikiLeaks rise. Though she admits to being a fellow Republican, an impeachment inquiry is 100% needed. One reason because he's embarrassing as a leader. Another, because his suits just don't look good!

Listen to Sheryl go off on the Commander-In-Chief and a brief history lesson on Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights leader who advocated for voting and women's rights, and her opinion on the abortion bans.

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