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Valedictorian Siblings Graduate Two Years Apart

Can you say "black excellence?"

That's exactly what comes to mind when you think about Chyna and Anthony Mays. The brother and sister duo, who came from a family that instilled the importance of education, have surely made everyone proud.

Chyna, the eldest, graduated from Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology with a 4.91 GPA. Of course, such a major achievement was awarded with college acceptances from top-notch schools, like Brown, Stanford, Columbia, just to name a few.

Two Because Of Them We Can reported, two years later, Anthony followed with a 4.93 GPA making him the tech school's first Black male valedictorian of his graduating class in the Rockdale County Public School District. He racked up letters from Stanford, Brown, The University of Pennsylvania, Columbia and Dartmouth amongst others.

The Georgian siblings have excelled in academics since kindergarten, getting all A's on report cards up to high school. Their common strides won't stop there, however. Anthony plans to attend Stanford with his older sister as a Management Science-Engineering and Mathematics major. Chyna is shining in Bioengineering with a 3.5 GPA.

Photo: BOTWC