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Earthquake Shares Father's Day Do's & Don'ts

It's that time of year again, "the most disrespected holiday of the year" aka Father's Day. Well, at least to Nephew Tommy and Earthquake.

Mother's Day always struts through with enviable love and admiration, while Father's Day straggles behind barely getting recognized. Kids spend their time and money getting the perfect present for mom and all dad gets is a "Hey, Pop. Happy Father's Day" text. And that's IF the kids even remember. That's why Quake and the frustrated "nine association members" have decided to put a firm foot down on the unfair treatment.

The Everybody Hates Chris actor gave suggestions of how to make this year a little more tolerable. For instance, don't ask your father for money for his own gift. (Helloo! That's what mom's there for.) Also, instead of giving socks and ties like everyone does every year, invite dear old dad somewhere so HE can make it rain! *wink*

Check out more valuable advice on how to make this Father's Day one to remember at the 2:35 mark below!

Of course, if none of these recommendations appeal to your dad, we've got you covered with a list gift ideas you can read here.

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