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Elementary School Teacher Lets Student Borrow His Shoes For Graduation

lewis vohn

A simple act of kindness made this Virginia teacher go viral.

It was graduation day at George Mason Elementary in Richmond, Virginia when a 5th grader found himself in an awkward situation. Before he was supposed to strut the stage to receive his diploma, his shoes tore. After much effort of crafting with art supplies, time was running out and the young man still had no shoes to wear. As you can imagine, this was an embarrassing moment for him and his mom. Luckily, thanks to his substitute teacher and Brother United Mentor, Vohn Lewis, the decision of how to help was easy.

Mr. Lewis, as the kids know him, took it upon himself to give the elementary student the shoes off his size ten feet.

The young man was grateful for his drastic actions as his mother was brought to tears.

He explained to CBS6 the stress he puts on his kids to always be presentable, especially as black men.

"If I see a child with a shoe untied or a collar messed up. I can't sit there and let him walk by. I'll definitely walk up to them and let them know, and that`s just me."

The gesture was left a lasting impression but it didn't come for free. Vohn made sure to ask for one thing in return.

"I told him that he had to make a promise to me because it was nothing for me to do something like that for him." Lewis said. "But He has to keep in mind that one day he`s going to be in the position of Mr. Lewis and he has to do the same thing."

Photo: Faceboook