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Sheryl Underwood Suggests Who Deserves Reparation Checks


The aura of Juneteeth is still in the air, as well as discussions about reparations. On Wednesday (June 19th) the crew introduced their thoughts on Senator Mitch McConnell's dismissal of financial demand due to years of suffering.

A primary reason the Majority Leader didn't see the need was because he couldn't make sense of Americans, today, paying back African-Americans for "something" (SLAVERY) that happened hundreds of years ago. In other words, if you weren't alive in the 1800s, it's not your problem. *side eye* However, what he fails to realize is everything that happened to our ancestors trickled into today's citizens

Sheryl Underwood made it very clear that she agrees. The Talk host passionately suggested a simple solution of knowing which citizens of our current day are owed what: Take a DNA test.

"If I'm from where you stole, then cut me a check!"
"You codified slavery with your segregational laws, so cut me a check!"

Hear the rest of Sheryl's sermon and what Democrats can do to push the issue at the 2:25 mark.

The comedian isn't the only one singing to the choir. Ta-Nehisi Coates gave an impactful speech to Congress, June 19th, fighting for the rights to receive what he feels our people are owed. the New York Times best-selling author gave goosebumps as he expelled McConnell's many excuses for why they should not be held responsible.

Watch Ta-Nehisi's testimony below:

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