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WATCH: Mary J. Blige Performs Her Hit Classics At The 2019 BET Awards

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award was already expected. You know what else was expected? For her to go as hard as she did on the 2019 BET Awards stage!

Viewers waited patiently for the icon to perform a medley of her hits after accepting the honor. However, it was more than worth the wait when Ms. Blige took us back with our favorite classics. The blonde bombshell donned large white sunglasses to match the rest of her all-white outfit giving classic "Not Non' Cry" heartbreak vibes. She shook us while belting out "My Life," "I'm Going Down," and "No More Drama."


Mary was also kind enough to grace us with "You Remind Me," "Real Love," and "Be Happy" to get our adrenaline going.

However, it was a another energy shift when the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul brought out The Queen Bee to turn things up even more. Lil Kim hopped out gifting us with a taste of nostalgia we forgot we needed!

Her full crimson red outfit and hair went against Mary's angelic white and it was alright with us!

The iconic duo got everybody's juices flowing with "I Can Love You."

mary lil kim

It was the perfect vibe set up for our next surprise guest performer: The One and Only Method Man. The OG Wu-Tang member popped out to perform a favorite, "You're All I Need."

Mary's appropriate wardrobe change had to fit her partner's style. A bedazzled baseball cap and glitter-accented baseball jersey did just that. Meanwhile, Meth kindly matched the original all-white look but jazzed it up with pink and black zebra print on the back of his pristine vest.

method man mary

All we can say is New York was definitely in the house, thanks to this trio of east coast hip-hop royalty. If you missed out, enjoy the 20-minute tribute below.

Congratulations, Mary!

Photo: Getty

Video: YouTube (BET Network)