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Top Michael Jackson Music Videos With Your Favorite Celebrities

Michael Jackson was undoubtedly a megastar. But the best part about his infamy was that he was never too proud to collaborate with others in any unique way.

The "King of Pop" has been notarized as a creative mastermind. His music videos live on because they carry a one-of-a-kind dynamic that's impossible to duplicate. Though he's more than capable of creating magic on his own (I mean we've all seen "Thriller"), it was the subtle way he'd feature other celebrities in videos that tied a lot of his projects together. Whether Michael was delivering a serious social message or living in a fictional Egyptian world, he brought his vision to life with the likes of hip-hop artists, actors, athletes, and the list goes on.

With that being said, here are some of the top Michael Jackson videos that featured cameos from your favorite celebrities.

Janet Jackson - "Scream"

Everyone loves a good brother/sister duo. Janet and Michael proved they were the prototype team when they collaborated on the disturbing, yet striking song and video for "Scream."

The black and white visual of the pair living in their own world and trying to get away from others spoke a clear message about their celebrity. And who can forget the intricate dance number they did together? (Kudos to Janet for holding her own next to her big brother!)

Macaulay Culkin, Tyra Banks - "Black or White"

"Black or White" showed us that the color of your skin doesn't matter in the world because all you need is love. A young Macaulay Culkin and modeling Tyra Banks were all in to share that message with the pop icon.

Wesley Snipes- "Bad"

Michael put the "P" in "production" because every project he committed to was exactly that. "Bad" is one of the most notorious music videos in his catalogue aligned with "Thriller."

Actor Wesley Snipes was more than happy to swipe the antagonist role from Prince, who it was originally offered. He had no choice to go from bully to ally when Michael really showed him "who's bad."

Beverly Johnson, Whoopi Goldberg, Paula Abdul & more - "Liberian Girl"

"Liberian Girl" took us first class on star-studded trip to Africa.

The visual featured countless familiar faces. So many, it's hard to believe Michael didn't break some type of "celebrity cameo" record. The gorgeous Beverly Johnson is the first face we recognize before wondering upon Malcolm Jamal-Warner and Sherman Hemsley giving "George Jefferson" attitude on the music video set-themed music video.

We've also got dancer/choreographer Paula Abdul, producer Quincy Jones, actors Jasmine Guy, Billy Dee Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and that's only the first minute in!

Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic Johnson, & Tommy "Tiny" Lister - "Remember the Time"

Do you remember the time Michael challenged Eddie Murphy for Iman's love? Of course you do!

"Remember The Time" had love, passion, lots of gold, and...oh yeah, shape-shifting.

Michael Jordan & Heavy D - "Jam"

Two iconic Michaels alined for this unique music video.

Jackson took Jordan off the basketball court to feature in this high-energy visual. The late Heavy D made his way on screen for his feature from the song while Kriss Cross busted a move.

Michael helped Michael learn how to dunk, while Michael taught Michael some cool dance moves. You can figure out who's who.

Naomi Campbell - "In the Closet"

Michael sure loves him some models!

Naomi Campbell was definitely the envy of her friends when she got casted for "In the Closet." The lustful music video stranded the "King of Pop" and "Queen of the Runway" in a desert with nothing to do but bump and grind together.

Chris Tucker - "You Rock My World"

Who else could've played a better wingman than Chris Tucker?

The actor made sure to take his moment to shine as he helped Michael chase a beautiful stranger in "You Rock My World." Leave it to Chris to act a complete fool, ready to "beat it" (pun intended) when as soon as they run into trouble.

Paul McCartney - "Say Say Say"

"Say Say Say" is a welcomed throwback that many know and love. Paul McCartney and Michael joined forces to bring this fun love song to life.

Young Jackson played the Beatle's protege as they worked hand-in-hand as traveling hustlers.

RIP Michael Jackson