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Juneteenth Google Designer Receives Job Offer From The Tech Company


A viral doodle turned into a life-changing set up for a young artist.

Juneteenth has a way of setting a certain tone among the African-American community. For Davian Chester, the lack of acknowledgement by Google for the national holiday led to a sweet job offer by the tech company.

The 26-year-old wasn't happy about the search engine phenoms not creating a graphic celebrating Juneteenth on their homepage. Seeing as how they never fail to personalize their site with graphics from Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK to Pac-Man, it was a fair feeling of discouragement. That's what led the Georgian graphic designer to making his own, according to Because Of Them We Can.

“I feel it’s very important for us to know as much as we can about our ancestors. So I feel Juneteenth is already something that isn’t being spread across as much as it should be."

He continued:

“I was planning on making an art piece for it anyway, but I noticed Google did not do anything at all. And for a large company like that to create doodles for literally everything under the sun and have nothing at all today, I thought it was odd.”

Chester's artwork of wrists breaking free from shackles spelling "Google" sparked endless of social interest. So much so, it reached the view of the platform's head honchos. Impressed with his work, Davian announced on Facebook they offered him a job!

Feel free to appreciate more of Davian's work on his Instagram and Twitter pages.

Photo: Davian Chester Instagram (@real_toons)