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Find Out How The Crew Spent Their 4th Of July Weekend

Your favorite morning show shared their 4th of July festivities. Some we wish we could've joined for the fun, others for the drama.

While everyone was grilling and watching fireworks, Carla Ferrell was on a whole other vibe. She was sitting pretty, sipping on coconuts during her trip to the Bahamas! Most people would love to have a sexy a getaway like that. However, nothing's sexy about the ashiness J. Anthony Brown admitted to after he gets in the water. Guess that's a hard pass for him. And of course Nephew Tommy was kind enough to remind her that's where Shark Week is filmed. 😲

Lucky for him, he didn't have any run-ins with scary sea creatures on his Hawaii vacation. In fact, he didn't even have any BBQ!

J. had a blast in New Orleans. Clearly the family fun in the hot sun had him losing his mind. Our proud vegan comedian admitted to breaking down and eating chicken! No need to beat yourself down, though. It's almost disrespectful not to give into that type of peer pressure when you're in the south, so we'll give him a pass on that.

Junior seemed to be the only one who had a traditional Independence Day celebration. Hopefully, what's not a family tradition is the sloppy fight that broke out at his neighbor's house.

Listen for more details below and see why Nephew was so offended at the way Shirley Strawberry and J. eat their chicken.