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J. Anthony Brown's Got A Fundraiser!

j and junior

J. Anthony Brown shared some good news Thursday (June 11) about a way he wants to help his community.

A collaboration with the cancer foundation is helping the comedian put on a 12-hour leukemia fundraiser. J. will be hosting the grand event as donators can open their hearts (and wallets) between 8AM to PM on July 30th. Some kinks are still being ironed out, but one thing we do know is cash and checks WILL NOT be acceptable ways of payment. Only donations through PayPal and Cash App will be received.

Be sure to show your support so you don't miss out on Junior coming by to sing Jodeci.

It's a beautiful effort and who would've thought the inspiration behind the initiative came from none other than Nephew Tommy?! Find out what he said that got J.'s engine roaring below.

Stay tuned for more details on the event and how to donate.

Now, let's kick cancer "where the sun doesn't shine!"