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Shirley Chisholm State Park Is Officially Open For Business

Shirley Chisholm State Park

July 2nd was the partial opening of Shirley Chisholm State Park and New Yorkers were ready to pay homage to an icon.

The former landfill was transformed into an avenue dedicated to the first African-American congresswoman of East New York. Equipped with biking/hiking paths, a fishing pier, and bayside picnic area, the $20 million funding was worth every penny. Of course it was all tied together with a thoughtfully colorful mural of the political pioneer by Danielle Mastrion.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo spearheaded the redesign in an effort to improve the quality of health-awareness within his Brooklyn community. Lower income families, especially, were focused on in the blueprint of the $1.4 billion initiative, "Vital Brooklyn."

Dedicating the space to Shirley was an easy decision for Cuomo. Brooklyn Paper reported he stated:

“Shirley Chisholm fought to improve the health and wellness of underserved communities, a legacy we are carrying on through the Vital Brooklyn Initiative, so we are proud to dedicate this park in memory of her leadership and accomplish­ments.”

If you're in the Brooklyn area, make sure to stop by Shirley Chisholm State Park off Pennsylvania Avenue south of Starrett City.

Photo: Brooklyn Paper