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Obama Sends Congratulatory Letter to Woman Granted Clemency in 2016


Our Forever President's positive influence hasn't stopped just because he's no longer in office.

Barack Obama got acquainted with Danielle Metz after learning about her story during her incarceration. The mother and wife of a drug ring operator was serving time for playing a role in her husband's illegal activities. Though the then-26-year-old was forced to do this by his abusive nature, a judge didn't seek leniency in her three life sentences plus 20 years.

During his time in office, Obama took on her case and granted Metz clemency in 2016. She took advantage of her new start in life by pursuing a career in social work at Southern University. Earning a spot on the Dean's List with a 3.75 GPA was an exceptional show of her dedication. She shared the good news with The Hechinger Report in hopes the former president would see, and he certainly did.

Obama was so impressed with Danielle's academic success that he sent her a hand-written letter expressing how "proud" he is of her.

“I am so proud of you, and am confident that your example will have a positive impact for others who are looking for a second chance. Tell your children I say hello, and know that I’m rooting for all of you."

Yes, Danielle! We're all rooting for you. Keep up the beautiful work and good luck with all of your endeavors!

Photo: Casey Parks Twitter & Cheryl Gerber (The The Hechinger Report)