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WATCH: India.Arie Talks That "Steady Love"

She's right back at it! India.Arie has returned with another iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat.

The soulful soulbird is still riding the wave of her most recent single, "Steady Love" from her album, Worthy. We got to see her sexy, yet playful side in the video featuring artist, David Banner. But thanks to her latest visit in our Ask Anything Chat den, fans dive deeper into getting to know who India.Arie truly is.

The 43-year-old songstress talks her favorite hobbies and her first performance as an artist, all the way to similarities she shares with her parents and how she likes to eat Oreos.

Also, did you know she's a trained metalsmith and hopes of being able to collaborate with Dolly Parton? There's so much to learn in the video above!

Watch "Steady Love" below as India defines what love really is.

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