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Church Pays $7.2 Million Debt For Local Florida Families


It's a beautiful thing when a bunch of strangers gather to pay your debts. That's exactly what happened, thanks to Pastor Dan Glenn and his generous followers in DeLand, FL.

Stetson Baptist Church took advantage of an extra Sunday left during their fiscal year calendar to collect money for charity. The original decision to donate the service's collection money to two deserving causes was slightly changed to the high volume of money they received.

The DeLand congregation outdid themselves by going WAY above their goal of $48,000 and hit an outstanding $153,867 mark! Now, three foster homes, including Florida Baptist Children's Homes, are going to be well-funded for a full year. Not to mention, 6,500 Volusia residents won't have to worry about unpaid medical bills. By giving half the earning to RIP Medical Debt, an organization that financially helps those in poverty, a total debt of $7.2 million was wiped cleaned out of their lives.

The motivation behind Pastor Glenn and his 1,000-person group was simple: The only way to show love is to give love. He told The Christian Post:

“This was something that really struck a chord with our church. Medical debt is something that I think everyone can get behind. But our church is unique in that we have an undercurrent in our church of fostering and adoption, both from the perspective of families that have fostered kids and adopted children but also through adults who were foster children or adoptees.”

Feel free to get inspired with some spiritual motivation from their podcast link here.

Photo: Stetson Baptist Church