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The Fam Shares Their Favorite Moments Of Junior On His Birthday

July 18th was the birthday of greats like Nelson Mandela, legends like Wendy Williams, and our very own Kier "Junior" Spates.

Thursday's special day couldn't go on without the crew showing love to our favorite "play cousin," with their favorite memories with him! Nephew Tommy took us back to fun (and dangerous) times they had while traveling on the road together. (All we can say is picture a brightly lit hotel hallway, a butt-naked Fool #1, and a very confused/scarred Kier.)

Shirley Strawberry shed light on his natural generous nature when he bought her a pair of Gucci sunglasses she was feigning for on a trip. (Before Gucci was cancelled, obviously.) Shirley fought him on buying the extravagant gift, but was thrilled to accept it after Junior insisted. And who could blame her? What's a baddie without a pair of designer shades?!

Of course the man of the hour shared a childhood memory of a staple moment in life during his birthday. Who would've thought getting a Nintendo game station would matter so much to the now-41-year-old.

Take a look:

Listen to what the rest of the crew had to say:

There's so much we can be thankful for. One of those things is being able to have you as part of the baddest FAMILY in America.

Happy Birthday, Junior!