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Eddie Is Currently Negotiating A $70 Million Netflix Deal

Eddie murphy

Eddie Murphy's been quiet lately. Turns out it's because he's navigating a huge return with Netflix.

The legendary comedian is coming close to locking in a major deal with the streaming network for a stand-up special. And when we say major, we mean $70 million major. A reliable source told TMZ the exact number they're playing around with isn't known, but that is the going worth for the iconic comedic pioneer.

Eddie's return to the main stage may not come as a surprise for some. A surprise appearance on Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, geared fans up for what could be the most highly-anticipated show since 1987's Eddie Murphy Raw.

When Seinfeld brought up fans wanting to see Murphy doing a stand-up again, he assured that he's down to bring on the laughs.

“I’m gonna do it again. It’s just, you know, everything has to be right. The only way I can get, like, an act is I gotta go to the clubs and work out.”

With the latest events within the nation, we've been giving the notoriously unfiltered comic more than enough material. There's no doubt we'll be left "delirious" at the end of that show!

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