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Mahershala Ali's Leading 'Blade' & Tessa Thompson Breaks the Marvel Mold


There was a lot to look forward to at this year's Comic-Con. However, Marvel lovers couldn't have predicted these huge announcements.

It's clear the cosmos lined up perfectly for a remake that's long overdue. Sci-fi thrill seekers welcomed plans to reboot the classic 1998 movie, Blade. Wesley Snipes starred as the half mortal, half immortal vampire hunter in the Marv Wolfman novel-based film. Now, over twenty years later, Mahershala Ali will be taking on the legendary role.

Marvel'Marvel president, Kevin Feige, told The Hollywood Reporter the two-time Oscar-winning actor called the studios and specifically requested to do resurrect a favorite vengeful do-gooder. Feign simply explained, "When Mahershala calls, you answer."

Tessa Thompson also had her own moment to shine during the comic company's series of announcements. The Creed actress is set to return to Thor, this time with "colorful" addition to her storyline. She'll be starring as the first open LGBTQ superhero of the franchise. It was made loud and clear when Tessa's breakdown of her character, Valkyrie, in Thor: Love and Thunder erupted a storm of excitement.

“First of all, as new King [of Asgard], she needs to find her queen, so that will be her first order of business. She has some ideas. Keep you posted.”

Director Taika Waititi explained there's no telling how impactful Valkyrie's sexual orientation will be on the storyline. However, it's undoubtedly evolving the community in the most positive way possible.

It's a very fitting role for Tessa, who's been very open about her bisexuality and admits to wanting to stay private about her relationship with Janelle Monáe.

Congratulations to both of these outstanding artistic pioneers!

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