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Delaware Sisters Read Bedtime Stories To Children On Facebook Live


There's nothing better than cozy sheets and a stuffed animal to tuck your little one in at night, but what's bedtime without a bedtime story?

That's exactly how Zaria Willard and Hailey Willard feel. The Delaware sisters have been giving back to younger ones in the most creative way they see fit: reading bedtime stories to children on Facebook live. Growing up with a mother who always read to them, heightened their love for reading and now they want to share that love with the world.

Inside Edition caught up with the creators who've been steadily growing their follower base. Zaria, 13, said:

“We take turns reading. It all started to help kids get a bedtime story because maybe their parents are busy or they don’t have the time to read, so that's what we are helping.”

Week nights end with handpick books from their local library. Hailey, 8, explained their selection of stories often come down to ones with black characters because, "we don’t see a lot of that around here so we're here to tell people that black kids are out there too.”

One day, the sisters hope to put kids to bed with a book of their own. So far, the premise is planned to be about their family.

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Photo: Facebook (@ZariaHailey)