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Nephew Tommy Puts Keith Sweat In a 'Sweat' With This Throwback Prank

Keith sweat prank

An unexpected CD signing sent Keith Sweat's head spinning after "Raheem's" tone got a little too crazy.

Nephew Tommy is back with another "Run That Prank" and in honor of Keith's birthday Monday (July 22), he couldn't hold back from sharing the gag he played on the legendary swooner. Fool #1 posed as "Raheem," a worker at a record store who was confused as to why the singer wasn't there for the CD signing he organized with his team. When he took it upon himself to call out Keith about being a no-show, he basically asked him, "'How deep is your love' for your fans," and made the conclusion that it's pretty shallow.

That's when Keith "Mr. Smooth" Sweat started to lose his cool.

There's a "right and a wrong way" to treat your friends, Tommy. And this was just plain old wrong! Listen below and see why you don't want to get loud with "Keif."

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