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Ask Anything: Blanco Brown Is Taking Your Questions

Blanco Brown

Blanco Brown is stirring up line dancing with a swagged out twist in his latest single, "The Git Up." A single that's a cross between Country music and Hip-Hop, proven to be the crave these days. In fact, the Atlanta native is the latest artist to go viral with the #GitUpChallenge and we are excited to announce that he will be joining us in ouriHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat den on Friday, August 9th! So get ready to pick his brain about his music, life and everything in-between and head over to 👉🏾 and submit your questions TODAY!

In the meantime, do-si-do your sweetheart, sip your drank, and take it on down to "The Git Up" below!

"The Git Up," has everybody in line ready to bust a move. Literally!