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Aretha Franklin's Sons Fight Over Estate Representative Position

aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin left a fortune plus three wills behind and everyone's going crazy.

The late-icon passed away in 2018 of pancreatic cancer. For many, her passing was unexpected, but she didn't leave us completely unprepared. Unbeknownst to her children, she had three different handwritten wills advising how her multi-million dollar estate should be handled. However, when they could not immediately be found, her sons were up in arms on what they should do.

The singer's son, Theodore White II requested that he and her niece, Sabrina Owens, should be co-executors of Franklin's fortune. A position he's had since last year, but is now being challenged with the discovery of the various wills.

One 2014 document named her son, Kecaif Franklin, as the representative with White and Owen's names marked out. Meanwhile, a 2010 document included both of their names, which causes Theodore to believe she wasn't the one to exclude them out of the testament.

TMZ has reported Kecaif is really putting his foot down in the case since Sabrina has apparently been erratic with the money she's had access to so far. He's decided to ask the judge for a temporary restraining order against her until an official decision of representative has been made.

The news outlet divulged Owens has:

"sold property, personal items and spent money to advertise the items for sale. Kecalf also says Sabrina transferred a car to her name and received money on behalf of the estate."

*Sigh* You know what Jay-Z said, "No one wins when the family feuds." Let's hope the courts quickly help them work it out.

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