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Ask the Fellas: 'Should I Tell My Wife I Used To Smash Her Friend?'

im sorry

A listener took time to ask Nephew Tommy, Junior and "Bitter Man" aka J. Anthony Brown some advice about his lady issues.

Apparently, his wife is getting a little too close for comfort with the women he used to "entertain" back in his youthful days. We're talking taking the kids out on playdates comfortable. Clearly his hometown is too small.

Now, he's in an awkward situation of figuring out if he should tell her who these ladies were to him or not. J. thinks it's obvious that he should keep his mouth shut since the past is the past.

Tommy was in agreement about hoping those skeletons would just stay right where they are. So it's no surprise that Fool #2 decided the best way to solve a problem is to not bring it up.

Listen to see how the fellas would play it off if their wives found out on their own at the 15:15 mark!

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