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Couple Opens First Black-Owned Cancer Center in America

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When cancer struck this couple's loved ones, the only thing they could do is create their own path.

Because of Them We Can caught up with Al and Marjani Harris who's navigating through life by creating a safe space for others. The pair established The Cancer Who Cares Center 10 years after struggling through three relatives being diagnosed with cancer in 2009. One of them being Marjani's father who passed away from colon cancer. Al explained motivations behind creating their record-breaking facility.

“Cancer really hit us hard and we were looking for extra support and couldn’t find it, so we decided to create our own. We noticed that there was no center where people with cancer could go to decompress, and let their emotions out, but also be treated with a sense of normalcy. All of our programs are free because we want to support the person and their family without them having to worry about paying for anything.”

The non-profit is the first black-owned cancer center in the country. Located in Philadelphia, they pride themselves on encouraging mental and emotional strength during individuals' stressful times. Yoga sessions, attending appointments with patients, spa treatments, and celebratory bell ringing ceremonies are just a couple of ways The Harris' bring light to such a dark moment.

The biggest therapy, however, is not even talking about cancer while at the center. Because I mean, who cares?

"We believe in living your life and not letting cancer stop anything that you want to do.”

If you would like to donate or support The Cancer Who Cares Center, click here.

Photos & Video: The Cancer Who Cares Center Instagram (@cancer_who)