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Nephew Tommy Goes On Trial!


Nephew Tommy's got himself caught up with the law and it's not looking too good.

It seems like the crew has finally had enough of Tommy and his prankster ways. With a whirlwind of victims to count for (including Uncle Steve), how can you blame them?

Spokeswoman Shirley Strawberry facilitated the The Steve Harvey Morning Show Hearing, which came unexpectedly for the defendant. Luckily he has the support of Representative J. Anthony Brown to fight to keep his trickster friend out the big house.

But Fool #2's testimony might not be enough to stand up against Carla Ferrell's suggested punishment of getting tarred and feathered, or Junior's search for revenge.

So what's the verdict for our King of Pranks? Will he continue to "Run That Prank" or run that jail time? Find out above!

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