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Blended Designs Redefines Education With Style

blended designs

A son's simple request birthed a revolutionary business.

Casey Kelly's baggage wear company, Blended Designs, was already a hit within the black community because of her audacious strive to artistically represent people of color. However, her mission was taken to another level when her son asked her to make him a backpack with a boy on it that looked like him. It struck a match within Casey that ignited a fire. Realizing only 2% of all backpacks represent people of color, the "mom-preneur" got to work.

Kelly launched 1954 in honor of the year the Supreme Court ruled separating children based on the color of their skin as unconstitutional. This branch off of Blended Designs is focused on children's gear to uplift and motivate a more welcoming educational mindset, while going back to school in style. In other words, build "character with character."

The website explains:

"Education is extremely vital to breaking the cycle of poverty and the prison pipeline that plagues our community. Someone has to be first. Someone has to be the change. That's why we focus on first generation college students, specifically females in the inner city. We want to help them navigate the path to a four year degree. We want to change the question asked high school juniors and seniors from 'are you going to college?' to 'which college are you going to?' We want to redefine #squadgoals."

Fans of all ages have supported this great venture. From Howard University students to celebrities like Anthony Anderson, Erica Campbell, Javon Juice and Terri J. Vaughn, no one can keep their hands off Blended Designs.

Be sure to grab your tote, backpack, lunchbox, accessories, and more today!

Photos: Blended Designs Facebook & Instagram (@blendeddesigns)