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Two Brothers Lead Their Community With Dessert & Good Deeds

Two Houston brothers turned winning baking competitions into a full on business.

Shane and Nigel Mushambi are middle school brothers who have a passion for the kitchen. A passion that has garnered them first place for the past three years in local contests and led them into the world of entrepreneurialism.

Two Bros. in the Kitchen is the business they started to satisfy their community's sweet tooth, all while giving partial proceeds to charity.

Shane,13, explained to ABC 13:

"We like giving back to the community because the community has given a lot to us. We give to Fort Bend Cares and the JB Dondolo Foundation, which is trying to rebuild a hospital in Africa."

Being their own bosses hasn't distracted the young men from their academics. In fact, genuine interest in math and science attracted the boys to the wonderful world of baking.

"I like to bake because it's a mix of art and a mix of science. You need to know how acids react to bases," Shane said, who also taking college level math and engineering courses at Houston Community College. Meanwhile, Nigel, 12, will be taking pre-calculus in the fall.

"Authors" are another title they can add to their resumes as they've already published their first book. "Beyond The Kitchen: How To Cook Up Success With Life's Mistakes" is styled to encourage everyone to do what they love.

Nigel went on to explain:

"It's about our failures that we've made in the kitchen and how we learned from them."

As Nigel added:

“It teaches how you don’t have to be perfect to succeed,” Shane added. “It’s okay to fail as long as you learn from it.”

Let's all take a page out of their book and strive for success.

Photo: Two Bros. in the Kitchen Facebook & Instagram (@2broitk)