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Indiana Girl Brings Comfort For Cancer Patients Through Hand Sewn Pillows

Abbi Zamani hopes her new creative outlet will bring positivity for those with cancer.

The 3rd grader, who's mom has been going through her own cancer treatments, isn't letting devastation beat her down. Instead, she's resourced the disease as an opportunity to show patients of Hux Cancer Center love. WTHI reported with her grandmother's help, Abbi has hand-sewn 50 pillows for the patients of the Terre Haute, Indiana facility.

“I like to let people know that I love them and that they can fight cancer.”

She explained that she liked the idea of pillows because it reminds people that "everyone needs to be comfortable." Each pillow is placed in a basket by the Infusion Room so patients can grab one as they undergo treatment. Registered Nurse Amanda Mouck described her efforts as "heart melting."

"Especially someone so young having such kindness and empathy and compassion in their heart, and wanting to take her time to make these for the patients.”

Though Abbi is due back in school, she plans to continue her wonderful work in until her pillows have doubled to 100.

Photo: WTHI