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54-Year-Old Man Earns High School Diploma

As a troubled youth, the future seemed bleak for Aaron Jones. However, it was serving time in prison that made him want to get his life together.

The 54-year-old "changed man" spoke to WLKY about his past mistakes. Not having the best decision-making skills caused a lot of challenges growing up and resulted in him dropping out of high school.

After serving twelve years in prison, the Louisville, KY native found himself homeless in a new world. With a new challenge in his face, it didn't mask Aaron's new goal of getting his high school diploma. He enrolled at Jefferson County High School and joined the Graduate Assistance Center. That's where he uncovered a vast outlet of resources to help him achieve his dream. The homeless shelter resident-now-worker described the euphoric feeling as, "my first Christmas." The program that helps people 21 and over get their diploma, allowed Jones to look at himself in a brighter light.

"I'm an example for other people that, 'Hey, no matter how old you get, you can go back and achieve some dreams that you thought you couldn't achieve as a young man or woman.' And today my service is to help others."