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Atlanta Team Becomes First All-Black Golf State Champions

Former professional golfer-now-coach, Nyre Williams led his Varsity Boys Golf Team to victory at Atlanta's State Championship.

Charles R. Drew Public Charter School students joined their coach's program, TheFirst Tee of East Lake Foundation. The simple theme of exposing youth to the game of golf was enough to get them veering towards the course. Williams exclusively explained to Blavity:

“First Tee’s benefits span far beyond learning how to play a great game of golf. We also encourage life goals and healthy habits. To be honest, our goal isn’t to breed professional golfers. However, when they work with us, the option to play golf is there.”

Besides love for the game, it was coming in fourth place at last year's championship that pushed the all-black team to go even harder this year. It wasn't only bragging rights they were fighting for. It was the ability to make history, according to Senior Anthony Ford.

"We're making history. We've got even bigger stakes [on] us now, going to the national championship. Being the only Black team there, it means a lot. We've got a lot of people rooting for us." Head Coach Joe Weems said they predicted this win. “At the beginning of the year when I met with the parents at the interest meeting, we talked about being on the national stage. So here we are.”

Clearly each player shared the same sentiments and passion because the boys beat two-time defending state champions by more than 15 strokes. Drew Public Charter School won the state championship becoming the first fully black team AND staff to do so.

And that's what we call a hole-in-one!

Photo: Drew Charter School Twitter