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Uber Driver Gifts Passenger With Clothes & Gift Card

When Lamiyah dropped Diane off at work, she wanted to do more than just give her Uber passenger a ride.

What started off as a rough day ended up being surprisingly sweet thanks to a generous driver. Diane, an older women who works in fast food, vented to Lamiyah about not being able to have new clothes until Christmas. Waiting four months for simple pleasures didn't seem rational to her driver, so Lamiyah took matters into her own hands.

She drove to Old Navy, picked out a robe, house shoes, a church dress, and a Visa gift card in order to do some shopping of her own for her passenger. She later, returned to Diane's job to present her with the very early Christmas gifts and this is what happened.

Enjoy the heartwarming exchange below thanks to The Shade Room.

Photo: Lamiyah Instagram (@miyah_jabs)