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Vanessa Bell Calloway Shares Details On Her New Web Series

Vanessa Bell Calloway called in to start her morning right with the The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

The actress has a lot to look forward to. One is the celebration of getting to season four of Bounce Saints & Sinners. The African-American based soap opera, which airs Sunday nights at 9p EST, focuses on drama within Greater Hope Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, where Vanessa plays "First Lady Ella Johnson."

Even though she thinks "Lady Ella" has earned a first-class ticket straight to hell, Vanessa's real-life success is heaven-sent. In line with having a new re-branded web series, "In The Company of Friends," Mrs. Calloway has been leading a breast cancer-free life for ten years since getting diagnosed in 2009.

The talk show will be centered around a variety of celebrities who have endured their own health issues and brings awareness to the importance of health-conciousness within the industry. Vanessa admitted:

"I feel it's my responsibility, being a breast cancer survivor, to reach out and try to help other people deal with it, face it, and just know within our black community we've got to be more healthy. We've got to talk about it. It's okay. Everybody has something to deal with."

Enjoy the official debut August 19th on In The Company of Friends website and YouTube.

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