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Beautycon Festival LA & Eye-Opening Fireside Chats!

L.A. finally had their turn at Beautycon Festival over the weekend. Volunteers from around the country hosted tables offering swag and memories for attendees of all ages at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

SteveHarveyFM was amongst a dashing array of beauty and lifestyle artists/influencers, as well as some of your favorite celebs. Each year, Beautycon travels the world to shine a beam of light on the bridge between ambassadors, creators and over 100,000 fans. Makeup isn't the only factor in the celebration of beauty. The importance of mental care and inner self-love played major roles in tying a giant ribbon around a the gift that is Beautycon.

The Pink Carpet welcomed a massive mix of "fabulosity" and confidence. We were excited to see both men and women of different industries unifying to catch their moments with cameras. They also took over the Main Stage to lead discussions of challenging times faced within themselves or pursuing their careers and motivational the ways they conquered those obstacles.

Jeannie Mai took reign of this year's festivities to guide us down a rainbow of vibrant events.

Women like Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Karen Civil, Ming Lee, and Angela Rye, who put the "Boss" in "Girl Boss," dropped gems on fulfilling your destiny by following your dreams.Â

Draya Michele also played a role in giving tips on utilizing social media in a productive way to create a progressive career. The fashion designer of Mint Swim and Fine Ass Girls admitted it took time to trust herself and vision when starting her company with $12,000 and entire life savings. Regardless of a rough start, she encouraged fashion dreamers to not allow social media to dictate their level of genius or judge their failures.

The fans hit another peak when Mrs. Tina Knowles-Lawsonstrutted out for flicks. After wrapping, ears perked as she spoke on Fireside Chat, "Mama Knowles Best." It was an obvious honor to be within ear-shot of the matriarch who brought us iconic queens like Beyonce and Solange. To hear about experiences she faced while going through her divorce and the powerful impact cultural representation plays for her daughters sends chills.

Lori Harvey was sure to grace the carpet and Main Stage as a special makeup model for Sadaf Beauty.

The music industry wasn't short of representation thanks to the ladies! Kehlani and Megan Thee Stallion popped up so the H-Town native could teach everyone about living a hot girl summer. More than just partying all season, Hot Girl Meg explained the true meaning of leading the exciting lifestyle is loving yourself and forgetting about everyone.

The days were full of wondrous times we can't wait to re-visit next year! If you're interested in going to next year's Beautycon, make sure to visit the site here to get more information on Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo's conventions.

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