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J. Anthony Brown Updates Us On His Fight Against Leukemia

On Wednesday (8/14), during our "Tell Me Something Good" segment, J. Anthony Brown took time to update us on his battle against leukemia battle.

The comedian admitted that he's had some rough days; one being when he had to go to the emergency room because he was dehydrated. However, the seriousness of his condition didn't stop any crazy moments from happening, like a fellow patient yelling her proclamation of being "the sickest person here" so she could finally receive treatment!

Times get rough, but it's always important to J. to recognize the support systems behind patients dealing with cancer. Someone who's been sure to be in his corner is comedian, Courtney Black.

Though he may get moody due to this emotionally/physically draining situation, Brown will get to let loose soon now that he only has 2 treatments left, followed by an MRI to check the status of the cancer.

We're all standing with J. and we're looking forward to getting our Fool #2 back to picture-perfect health! Feel free to send him some love of your own on social media too.

Take a listen to what J had to say about his health below:

We're standing with you J! ❤️