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Twin Brothers Promote Black-Owned Businesses With Food Delivery Service

David and Aaron Cabello are raising the bar of support for black-owned businesses.

The brothers share more than just identical looks, but the same entrepreneurship too! David's self-taught initiative of learning website design while working as a deliverer of products from other businesses painted a new picture in his head. One that would change the black business aspect of Philadelphia food delivery in a major way.

The Philadelphia Tribune caught up with the proud owners of Black & Mobile, a company the brothers started once they recognized the need for more resources within the African-American business community. It's especially eye-opening for consumers who aren't aware of the various black-owned establishments that paint the City of Brotherly Love. Aaron admitted being someone who didn't see that picture. Now, he's excited to allow others to learn about the same opportunities while adding a couple of dollars in their pockets.

Money isn't the only motive in their movement, however. Being able to help kids in their area be productive gives the twins a sense of pride. David added they want to reclaim the "love" in the city's reputable name:

"We want to keep people off the streets. Keep the young people off the streets, give them a job, be role models, show them we can do something positive. It's the City of Brotherly Love, but there's a lot of hate going on, so we're just trying to bring that love there."

Get to know Black & Mobile and see how you can donate here. Check out what these brothers birthed with God's gift of "just a bike, a bag, and an idea" above.

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