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This 11-Year Completed Her First Day of High School

Dionn Megginson isn't even 13 yet and she's already planning for college.

The Texas preteen is a proud high school student who just finished her first day as a freshman. Dionn's mother, Sharon Megginson, explained how advanced her daughter's intellect was from a "very early age" to Because of Them We Can.

"Teachers at her daycare would always tell us that Dionn was very smart and that she knew a lot for her age. It was suggested by them that we have her tested when she got into elementary school."

Dionn was only in Kindergarten for three weeks before she skipped to first grade. Earning Principal Award's recognizing academic excellence up to fourth grade allowed Megginson to hop to sixth grade. Soon after, the 11-year-old found herself taking a variety of higher-level classes like Honors Biology, AP Human Geography, and Culinary Arts at the Early College Academy. The child shared:

"I'm looking forward to going deeper into my classes."

Plans to graduate by the age of 14 can't come soon enough so she can follow in the footsteps of role model, Katherine Johnson, by attending Spelman College to be a mathematician.

Photo: Because of Them We Can