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Homeless Valedictorian Gets Full Ride to Yale University

Chelesa Fearce owns the title "Defier of Adversity" very well.

Being homeless is a major stressor all on its own. What can be even more bothersome is keeping it a secret while attending high school. However, Chelesa didn't let a label hold her back.

“Homelessness taught me how to work hard, always persevere and never let anything get in my way.” Fearce told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Her academic achievements were recognized when she graduated from Charles R. Drew High School at the top fo her class in 2013 with a 4.5 GPA. She, later, found herself with a full scholarship to Spelman University to get a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry. With a passion for a career in psychiatry, Chelsea's inspiring pursuit of an education doesn't stop there.

The girl who bounced between homeless shelters and motels is now bouncing her way to Yale University on a full ride. She'll be attending the Ivy League school (all living expenses paid for) for eight years in order to get her doctorate and medical degree.

Though her teen days are behind her, Drew High School pays tribute to the success of their alum. The Clayton County school system has decided to give scholarships of $250 to $1,000 to local homeless students with notable academic records.

Jacqueline Evans, an administrative assistant with Clayton County’s Students in Transition Office, said, “Sometimes, you have to see somebody else to know it can happen to you.”

Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.