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Ask Anything Chat: Johnny Gill Talks What 'Perfect' Really Looks Like

It's about that time again and we know everyone (especially the ladies) have been waiting on this one. Johnny Gill has checked in for the Ask Anything Chat.

Find out what would define perfection following his recent collaboration with New Edition's legendary Ralph Tresvant. The singer simply used "truth" as his answer, going further on to say "recognizing, understanding that nothing on this planet, in life is perfect, to me is perfect...It speaks volumes." In other words, embrace those imperfections!

He also made sure to clarify it's not guaranteed if he'll be at the Meet and Greet after his Dallas, Texas show on September 7th. However, he promised to do his best.

Watch the video below for more info on his connection with Ralph during their New Edition days, inspiration behind the music he makes, and see what artists he loved to collaborate with. *Hint: One of them is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul*

So "let's get the mood right" and check out his latest single, "Perfect" below: