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Mother Creates Braille Clothing Business For Blind Children

Challenges in motherhood can either make or break you. For Gracie Benedith-Cane, growth was her only option.

Gracie's 12-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain disorder at just 2-months-old. Septo-optic nerve dysplasia effected Wani's vision significantly to the point where he couldn't handle simple independent tasks. Specifically, getting dressed. Though things may have seemed bleak at first, Today shared Benedith-Cane's story on how she didn't let a "weakness" get the best of her or her child.

Braille Code Inc. is the company she created in 2015. It stemmed from an idea she had after creating adhesive braille patches to put on Wani's clothes so he could read the different between left and right or inside and out. Gracie explained on her website:

“I designed patches that would appeal exclusively to the blind and visually impaired. All of my products will assist them to get dressed more efficiently and independently. This can work and help those who may have been struggling for years to dress by themselves. My goal is to give parents like me a way to help give our children a sense of pride, independence, and acceptance of who they are.”

With the support of her husband, the mother of three also wrote a book titled, "What's Cool About Braille Code School?" all while serving as a role model for parents facing the same adversary.

Photo: Today